Scrabble Association, Singapore

The Scrabble Association is the national body for tournament Scrabble in Singapore. The Association organizes and rates tournaments, issues a quarterly newsletter to members, administers a titles system and maintains a computer-generated Archive. The earliest record that the Association has of any organized Scrabble activity in Singapore comes from a note by the late Terry Hollington, who relates how as an RAF officer in Hong Kong, he was introduced to the game during a holiday in Singapore in 1956 or 1957. (Terry's letter was published in the April 2001 SA News.) National Championships were held from 1978 to 1984 at the Mandarin Hotel, which was also the sponsor.

The current Scrabble Association was formed in September 1996 by a core group of enthusiasts. Activity has increased substantially, with more tournaments and events, the most lavish thus far being the Channel NewsAsia 1st World Masters at the Grand Hyatt in 1999. Singapore players now frequently travel abroad to play, while Singapore tournaments are frequently attended by players from overseas.

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